Unrelated to the rest of this site, I am currently a first-year PhD student at the statistics department of Rutgers University. I didn’t want to make a new site from scratch for my academia related projects, so I decided to showcase some of the fun ones here.  Links to sources are labeled in bold. Also, here’s my CV.


>>> GPT-2 Twitter bot trained with my friend’s old tweets

By the way, here’s a philosophic piece generated from another acquaintance’s writings:We are all complicit in the same old business

We are the embodiment of the cruel disease

We are the only people who have not been destroyed

We are the only worlds apart

And now for the long run we will be nothing to you and me

We are the endless series of coincidences that keep growing and unraveling, but we will keep on growing and deepening

We are the most unlikely creatures, the very fabric of the universe we could be wrong about

The delusion that has gripped us since our discovery of it has weakened and we no longer saw it as a physical being, but was instead a kind of inner monasticism

In each of us the selfsame love for the universe that made us who we are, but in the other actor the universe was disrupted and a new beginning was created

The paradoxical union of man and the universe was able to be triggered enough that the universe was prepared to give life to a living being, and this being was capable of dying

>>> Math 168 Final Project: 
    COVID-19 Spread Simulation with SIR Model

Color Codes: Susceptible, Infected, Recovered

with social distancing 

without social distancing

Special shout-out to teammate Jerry Yin. He’s a life savior. All PhD programs should admit him. All companies should hire him.


>>> Bomb Dynasty: A PC Game developed in Qt/C++

Demo Presentation
Also shout-out to Cindy Wang for carrying me through projects after projects <3 

>>> Progressive Refinement with Linear Bregman Iterations

Just some cool demo result:
Finally, shout-out to my supervisor Xiyu Yi who guided me into applied math research. ily hire me for internships uwu